As a brokers-only Non-bank lending institution, Westbridge Mortgage REIT welcomes all licensed mortgage brokers in Canada. We lend on commercial real estate projects across the country.

We do NOT direct-originate with borrowers, and as such, all of our loans come to us through licensed brokers.  We welcome all types of good quality commercial deals of $2.5 million (minimum loan amount), with a focus on the following asset classes:

  • Multi-residential (4 units and more): Apartment Lending / Condo Construction / Retirement Homes / Student Housing
  • Mixed-Use Development Projects
  • Retail Plaza Projects
  • Low-rise and Mid-rise Office projects
  • Industrial & Self Storage

Each one of our loans is crafted according to the individual project's specific features and requirements. We have the flexibility to accommodate requirements that most Banks and Non-bank lenders do not have either the creativity or the ability to accommodate. That is why we call it Craftsmanship in Lending.

Required Documentation

The following documentation is what Westbridge Mortgage REIT requires to evaluate a financing and for loan approval.

                                           Items 1 through to 7 are Required For the Initial Loan Review

  1. Initial Application & Borrower Consent Form / KYC Form
  2. Corporate Credit Application
  3. Personal Net Worth Statement
  4. Project Construction Budget, including Hard and Soft Costs
  5. Project Business Plan and Feasibility Study
  6. Building Permit & Architectural Drawings 
  7. Appraisal Report 
  8. Audited or Accountant-prepared Financial reports (Income statement, balance sheet & Cash flow statements)
  9. Three (3) Years if Notice of Assessments from each of the project's Guarantors (required)
  10. Environmental & Engineering Reports (Required)
  11. Rent Roll and Lease Documents
  12. Project Equity Source and Composition Confirmation
  13. Statement of Mortgage Balance (if Applicable) and Copy of Prior Encumbrances (If Applicable)
  14. MLS Listing or Offer to Purchase (If Applicable)
  15. Unit Presales (If Applicable) with Buyer's information, Deposit Amount and Purchase Price
  16. Copy of Municipal Tax/School Tax Payment Information / Confirmation of Payment of Development Fee (If Applicable)
  17. Articles of Incorporation / Project Ownership Structure

Submitting as much of the documentation listed above will help to ensure that your loan submission is analyzed and assessed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Westbridge looks forward to working with you to meet your clients’ needs!